Every country has a set of rules and regulations that one has to follow in order to successfully establish a company. The first step in this procedure is to evaluate the viability of starting a firm in the proposed state. Notably, Cyprus offers an array of business opportunities; an aspect that makes it suitable to start a corporation. Accordingly, this article will focus on the process of Cyprus company formation.  

Applicable Entities for Cyprus Company Formation

There are various types of business establishments that one can register in Cyprus. One of the structures that one should consider when beginning the Cyprus company formation procedure is a sole proprietorship. It is usually the easiest entity to start if one intends to manage it alone. It usually does not require any share capital. On the other hand, a partnership can either be limited or general. In this case, the company should have between 2 and 20 participants. A firm can also be a limited liability company. The decision to make it private or public depends on its size and shares. If the entity is foreign, it can introduce a branch in Cyprus. 

Documents needed in the Cyprus company formation process

In order to complete the required steps for Cyprus company formation, one has to make sure that he or she produces all the needed documents. These files include notarized copies of the shareholder(s) passports and a bank statement that clearly stipulates the deposited share capital for the enterprise. One should also go the Registrar of Companies to secure the firm’s name in addition to providing its legal address. Notarized Articles and Memorandum of Association are also necessary to complete the process. For one to successfully fulfil the Cyprus company formation steps, you may need the assistance of a credible lawyer so as to avoid any complexities that may be problematic in the future. 


The Cyprus company formation process is relatively easy. Upon securing the desired name and acquiring the needed documents, one is free to conduct business in the country. The viability of starting a business in this nation is founded on the fact that its sociopolitical and economic structures are stable.