There are various ways that one can get the passport of a foreign country. This includes citizenship by birth, marriage, or investment. In this article, the focus will be on getting a Cyprus passport by investment. Just like any other country, it is important to evaluate the benefits that one is bound to enjoy by investing in the nation in exchange for a passport. 

Requirements of a Cyprus Passport by Investment

For one to have a Cyprus passport by investment, he or she has to meet a number of requirements. To begin with, one has to invest at least 2 million euros in the country‚Äôs real estate sector. Additionally, a minimum of 75,000 euros should be donated to its Land Development Organization with a similar amount being forwarded to the Government Research and Development kitty. Within 6 months after meeting these requirements, one is guaranteed to have a Cyprus passport by investment. After 5 years, the required investment is reducible to half a million euros. Within the acquired passport, one can live, work, study, or travel to any country within the European Union. 

Why Choose Cyprus?

There are various nations that one can choose to invest in as a way of obtaining a passport. However, there are certain aspects that substantiates the benefits of getting a Cyprus passport by investment. For example, the state has a tariff structure that is favorable for firms and individuals alike. Additionally, most people converse in English with the state boasting of having various quality education facilities. Cyprus is also one of the safest places in the European continent as well as the world. In fact, it is ranked at the fifth position among the safest nations globally. Another reason why one should consider investing in Cyprus as a way of acquiring citizenship is the fact that the country is location at the intersect of Africa, Asia, and Europe. This offers an array of business and leisure opportunities for the investors.


A Cyprus passport by investment allows one to benefit from the quality facilities and opportunities in Cyprus as well as the other states within the European Union. From this perspective, one is definitely bound to get actual value for the invested funds.